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About This Course:

Kia ora!  If you are reading this then you have decided to begin the 3 part journey to attaining the Golden ticket at the end... A Full drivers licence!  This quick & easy Learner Licence course is the start and in this course you will learn everything you need to know to pass the official Learner Licence test.  You can complete it in as fast as 3 hours then sit the official test directly after or use the allocated time given before it expires, which is 3 weeks from purchase.  The course is designed to expire to encourage users to get it done and not procrastinate.  

Included in this course you will find:

  • A breakdown of each section.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Pdf study guides.
  • Test sections to complete.
  • Full mock tests to see if you are ready for the official test.

What others have been saying about this course:

Ellouise Laurie

Don't waste your money on a road code lol

I highly recommend this course! A few weeks ago I picked up the road code, wanting to become familiar with the road rules. After reading a few pages, I gave up. I got so overwhelmed with the amount of information that needed to be retained, tha...

Stacey Roberts

Well recommended

Credit goes to this website!! Yous are very helpful, would definitely recommend this to anybody who is wanting to sit their drivers license. Thank yous very much!

aliialofa salima

The Learner license course online gave me the confidence I needed

I have been putting off getting my learner license for a few years due to being put off by the road code and struggling to figure out what I need to know and learn for the test. The learner license course online offered me the opportunity to absor...

Sheri fuatimu


Done my licence today and pass 35/35 Special thanks to you guys and this apps really helpful and easily to understand 😊 👍💯%✔👏

Fiona Douglas


After 9 years of procrastination, anxiety and rule breaking over getting my stupid learners licence I finally passed!!! With 100% in around 6ish or so mins (didn't exactly check the exact time) I couldn't believe how easy I passed and I owe it al...

Singapore Tyrell

Efficient & effective!

Condensing the entire road code book & doing so in a way it's easy to understand and retain - legend! Completed this course 3wks ago and just sat my licence today with flying colours cheehoo!

Anne-marie Tennant

this driver leaning course

this course is very easy to understand an very easy to remember the rules nice on but it should be a little bit more with the free bit thanks for making this

Mikaela Tahau

Thanking you

Thank you guys soo much. I passed in less than 10mins. That was the Best 2hour course and gave me so much confidence to resit my test. You guys made the road code soo much easier to remember. I will definitely be telling Everyone about you guys. 😁👊👍

linda teu

Learner licence course

One of the best & fastest ways to get your learners licence!! Just did this course yesterday and went to sit my test this morning and passed 100%! So I recommend this to anyone & everyone!!

Fasiha Subhan

The best crash course to pass theory test

This is an awesome course. It enabled me to score 35/35 within 6mins with just 3 hours of extensive preparation. I highly recommend this test to people with no time for preparation and particularly interested in converting their overseas license i...

Lagi Sio

Best online course

Where have you been all my life lol Thank you Terry for providing this amazing platform and allowing me to be apart of the testing stage. I cant believe that within 24hours I studied and sat my learners and passed with flying colours. see you in 6...

vahiria poetai ep kei

Fast Learner Licence Online Course

Thank you for making my life easier hahahahonestly first time i enjoyed listening to a road code . Thank you Terry for all the tips and tricks. Keep it up great job.

Joanna Alefaio


Pretty simple and it helps a lot thank you

Michael john Harry


Awsome course i passed my learner licence..

Tetai George


This course helped me to understand more about the road code. I will definitely past my learners now. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I loved this course so much, and loved the jokes too lol.. I will get the other courses as the time comes :)

Terry Nelson
Terry Nelson
That Cool Maori Facilitator

About the instructor

I have been working in the youth and community sector for over 10 years and have a real passion to help people.

5 years ago while working with young people transitioning them from care to independence, I saw an urgent need for them to attain their drivers licence as I knew this achievement would have an immediate impact in their lives when it comes to opportunities in employment, education and especially gaining their independence.

These young people had experienced extreme adversity in their lives and were all subject to Care and Protection orders.  As to be expected these young people had disadvantages that impacted negatively on their learning processes and experiences of success, and this often reflected in their pathway to being a legal driver.  Many couldn't be bothered with even beginning the process due to the length of time current workshops delivered in and the current resources on the market being too overwhelming to study.  So over a year I set out to re-create the current resources to deliver a learner licence program that was quick & allowed them to learn information in the easiest possible way.  Coupled with my teaching methodology and trialing it over a two year period it proved to be more successful than I had originally imagined.   

Fast forward 4 years later and our resources and workshops are used nationwide with a 98% pass rate to date.  We are constantly evolving with the market, so you will regularly see us creating innovative new ways to engage & enable individuals to learn that 404 page book called the NZ Road Code in the easiest possible way.

Check out all our amazing reviews on our website and facebook page to see the impact we have been able to make so far.




Lets Get Legal NZ delivers one of the fastest Learner licence workshops in the country.  With a 95% pass-rate nationwide we know what we are doing.  So if you want the best chances to pass your learner licence then take our course today.

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